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10 things to do absolutely in Cilento Part 2

Published on Thursday April 21st, 2016 by ckey
Canyoning, diving, fishing ... but what else you have to do absolutely if you are in Cilento? 6. Speleorafting in Pertosa’s caves. An activity unique in Europe that perfectly combines the adventure of rafting with the mystery of the caves is the speleoraft. Born in Cilento, this activity is like rafting, but in the underground: in this case the navigation on the underground river Negro, in the dark, landing at the waterfall in cave, and an adventure path for about 200 meters, going up against the waterway. 7. Eating the “fusillo felittese”. The typical pasta was produced, until a few years ago, only at home, but today there is also a small industrial production. In summer in Felitto, for 15 days, there is the feast of this dish seasoned with various types of meat sauce ... (but you can also taste it in a local taverns), a delicious dish very "light", the original recipe requires “only” 8 eggs in the dough! 8. Bathing in the Campagna "chiena". Every year in summer in the village of Campagna the river is diverted and flood the streets of the historic center: buckets full of water, dips into the fountain in the square and typical dances liven up the event. The "chiene" most beautiful are those of midnight ... No one can get out of it dry, Campagna citizens will not let you escape! 9. Trekking along the path "Ciolandrea - Marcellino Beach " The route starts from the center of San Giovanni a Piro and takes its name from the beautiful Ciolandrea viewpoint from where you can admire the Gulf of Policastro, the Basilicata coast, where it is clearly seen the Christ of Maratea, Calabria coast and, on a clear day, the outline of Stromboli in the Aeolian islands. Continuing along a path, where we will see the watch towers built for defense against Saracen, you can refresh you with a dip in the cool waters of Marcellino beach. Easy path. 10. Stayng on a beautiful golden beach, watching the sunset ... and... doing absolutely NOTHING!
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