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10 things to do absolutely in Cilento

Published on Friday April 15th, 2016 by ckey
Beautiful to admire but also to live, this land gives you the opportunity to do interesting and fun experiences we have synthesized in 10 things to do absolutely if you are in Cilento. Let's look at the top five.
  1. Canyoning. Activities in high demand in the Cilento, canyoning is an exciting walk along the streams Cilento between deep gorges carved into the stone, waterfalls, rock jumps, slides, flooded corridors and ponds. A unique experience in contact with the wild nature of the mountains. The activity may take place from June to September and, according to the difficulty of the chosen river, it is suitable for all ages.
  2. Eating buffalo mozzarella. Product Doc in Cilento, and especially in Paestum, buffalo mozzarella is the queen of Cilento table. Savor it in dairies in the paestan plain and attend to its “mozzatura” (cheese cutting) is an essential experience of the journey in the Cilento.
  3. Climb the “ciuccipolitana”. An unknown but fascinating Cilento is in the rural inland areas as Rofrano, Laurino and the whole Calore’s valley. Right here has been realized the ciucciopolitana: today the tourists walk on the trails, formerly used by farmers to connect the villages, riding a mule. It can also play interesting workshops to discover the traditional country cooking.
  4. Diving in Palinuro caves. Not only the Blue Cave, Palinuro offers to tourists one of the most important marine cave parks in Mediterranean with its 35 caves. Numerous and well equipped are the diving centers that provide materials and assistance to discover the secret of its waters that preserve the ancient legend of the Aeneas’s helmsman that gives its name to Palinuro...
  5. Fishing tourism. Starting from the port in the evening with the local fishermen on board typical fishing boats, you can spend an evening immersed in nature and in the night sounds of the sea. Eating a fish fry made with fresh fish at the return, on the cliff, will conclude this wonderful night. A unique experience to really know the fishing villages and their traditions ...
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