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Cilento Traditions and curiosities Part 1

Published on Tuesday April 26th, 2016 by ckey
A land Millennial, which has its roots in the philosophical school of Velia and in the temples of Paestum couldn’t have ancient traditions and festivals where the Christian religion is fused with paganism. Christmas, religious festivity, in Cilento is celebrated in an original way. In the previous days young people carrying numerous wood logs that, for their size, cannot be used for the chimneys. They are stacked in the middle of the main square (which usually is adjacent to the Church), arranged in a circle and burned after midnight. About the rich culinary tradition of Cilento, in Christmas holiday, we mention only the Christmas star of Laurion and Pasticcelle of Pollica, these are the must originals. One of the ritual aspects of the dishes prepared in occasion of the cyclical festivals is do not conceive to prepare them out of their time. The food is an integral part of the festivity. It’s not about "atmosphere" of a party, such a modern observer might seem, but a "rituals" that often determine the pleasure of taste and eat certain dishes. The same mix of sacred and profane in other two festivity Candlemas and Lent. Lent, in popular culture, is personified, it’s a mask, part of the carnival parade. She is the widow of Carnival which mourns the death; she was emaciated, bruised, old, dressed in black, holding in her hands the spinning tools in the act of spinning wool. It’s a funeral mask, connected to the death of the old year (Carnival), may represent the Fates of Greek mythology, which preserves the spinning, as a symbol of the inexhaustible grow and flow of life destined to death. It even resists, in some villages, the nice custom of "create the Quarajésema", that is to build an old doll and hang it out of a window, after the Carnival parade. The doll has the same characteristics of the mask and to her back is attacked an orange, on which are strung seven "scacàta" chicken feathers, a chicken that does not lay eggs. These feathers are removed one for each Friday and burned. Finally, in the Good Friday, Quarajésema doll is burned with the latest feather and the orange ... soo peculiar! Salva
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