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Eating Cilento

Published on Wednesday May 4th, 2016 by ckey
Cilento isn’t only to the wonderful nature of the National Park, clear water and stunning beaches, rolling hills and rugged mountains, or its archaeological sites, castles, abbeys, farmhouses and ancient centers. To really love Cilento you have to taste its food and enjoy the most typical recipes. Some flavours do not miss: THE QUEEN OF THE TABLE. The unique flavors, aromas and fragrances of dairy products by Cilento dairies are the result of a long and meticulous craftsmanship transformative work of buffalo milk. Through a guided tour of the cheese factory you will learn about the art of the dairy masters who meticulously and carefully take care of the aged cheeses maturation process with the same passion with they make the "cut" (mozzatura) of mozzarella only with hands. CILENTO GOLD. The oil iss strictly connected to the history of Cilento. The first plants date back to the Phocians and the Greeks that planted the olive trees in all the colonized territories and, also, in Cilento. Visiting the territory from Velia to Paestum, you can admire the ancient ruins of ancient civilizations framed by ancient olive trees. The Salella and Pisciottana are the most widespread native cultivars. In the crushers you can take a guided tour and tasting. IN VINO VERITAS. Some areas of Cilento, without intensive plantations, for their climate and location have become “kingdom” of wine. So the vines as Fiano, Aglianico and Greco, implanted over two thousand years ago by the Greeks, are "bred" with care and respect. A rich tasting on the best cilentan cellars will lead you into a world of vibrant flavors and an unforgettable fragrance bouquet. SWEET OF GODS. Food loved by Greeks and Latins, the white fig, returned to the local food culture, returns powerfully on the  tables. A big factory is located in Torchiara, it is a real museum. In addition to showing the production processes it will be interesting to see how each dishes with figs is prepared exclusively by hand, using ancient techniques handed down over time. The tour will conclude with a delicious tasting.
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