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Very special popular festivals in Cilento…

Published on Tuesday June 7th, 2016 by ckey
Grain palio, donkey palio and shoot Ham are just some of the absolutely unique Cilento popular festivals. If that of Siena is known all over the world there are at least two other "Palios" less known and born in Cilento. The Palio of the grain and that of the donkey. The second takes place in Caselle in Pittari nearby waterfall Hair of Venus, mentioned in our post ten things you must see in the Cilento. In the days before the race the districts involved in the organization of the great festival and competition in the corn field. The leader of the 8 districts with their teams, more competitive than ever, thanks to the cooperation of the two neighboring countries, the housewives are concerned with preparing food that will be consumed after the race. The team challenge in a competition in a wheat field: won the ward who manages to claim its share of the field in the best way. It does not matter the time of harvest (therefore does not win the fastest team) rather the quality, the player who achieves a well-made harvest. This year will be held July 10 to 17. In August in the small town of Cuccaro Vetere is held the donkey Palio, a ride in the saddle the mule in the annual historic parade. In fact, the donkey is a distinctive and essential element of the whole parade, reminiscent of country life in Cilento in the last century and, in the same time, is a tribute to the hard work of this humble and docile animal that was the backbone of the rural economy. In Cuccaro, in fact, are currently present some asses jealously guarded by the owners for affection rather than to the actual usefulness. The shooting of Campora ham, is perhaps one of the most fun events and is held in August this too. The characteristic shooting competition is to aim for the center of a big ham placed on the opposite side of the cliff. The distance and currents make the very difficult target to hit but what makes the most fascinating race and certainly the prize, the ham itself (strictly and skillfully realized in Campora) a great incentive to win. Upon firing, the proloco thanks all participants by offering excellent bread and ham accompanied naturally by the local wine. The evening was also enlivened by songs and dances.
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