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The most famous summer events of the Cilento

Published on Wednesday June 15th, 2016 by ckey
  1. Campagna "chiena". In August, in the hottest summer month, residents of Campagna refresh themselves in their own way: divert the course of the river that goes through the village and the streets of the old town are filled with water, while residents and tourists enjoy themselves with buckets full of water, songs and dances. August 14 is they have the chiena at night ... a thrill to try (it is advisable to adopt a change of clothes).
  2. The "fusillo felittese" festival, is the most "long" Cilento event. Is now in its 41st edition and it will be take place in August 13 to 23 in a little village of Valcalore known for its beautiful gorges, Felitto. A beautiful nature walk and then you will stop and eat this typical Cilento product ... do not expect the classic fusillo!
  3. The table of Princess Costanza in Teggiano. A beautiful historic reenactment, well organized, with shuttles for the transport of visitors and an ample parking (not only a little notations) that make "the table of Princess Costanza" the best organized event in Cilento. Historical procession, the shooters show , Change of currency in ducats and tari and begins the tour of Teggiano that will end with a castle attack... we do not anticipate another! To visit 11- 24:13 August.
  4. The feast of bread and rural culture, in the small village of Trentinara. From August 16 to 20 among the beautiful alleys and squares of the old town you can tast the dishes of local tradition as the Cilento pizza, fusilli and cavatelli with sauce, fried sweet or savory pizza and ciambotta, all accompanied with the wonderful local wine and popular music. During the feast  the educational ovens so you can learn the art of baking. What you will love more will be however the peculiarity of the village and the entrancing landscape, Trentinara is in fact nicknamed the "Terrazza del Cilento".
  5. The Ciccimmaretati festival in Stio is a gastronomic event where the dishes offered for tasting are consumed in a beautiful forest of chestnut trees and are the result of a rediscovery of the Cilento culinary traditions. The event was inspired by the main dish, the Ciccimmaretati, delicious vegetable soup born when farmers' married in a "tiano" of all legumes remained at home. From 17 to 23 August 2016.
  6. Mojoca 5, 6 and 7 August are the days of the theater - Mojoca festival in Moio della Civitella. The performances of street artists occupy streets, alleys and squares from 21.00 to 02.00 with acrobats, jugglers, musicians, clowns, mime and illusionists. Music, great circus performances, amazing acrobatics, hilarious shows and refined performance for a real show in the open air.
  7. Ancient sounds festival 3 words: food, music, entertainment. The most awaited festival of the whole Cilento is held annually during the first week of September in a small town, attracting many visitors with its festival of folk music made by instruments such as the shawm, bagpipes, guitars and cane fifes . The village is Novi Velia near the town of Vallo della Lucania at the foot of Mount Gelbison.
  8. Donkeys Palio in Cuccaro Vetere. In the small Cilento village every year in August there is the historical parade that reminiscent the rural past of the village, the center of which was the donkey, which will also be the protagonist of the parade. Date to be confirmed.
  9. Strasapori international festival of street food in Pattano of Vallo della Lucania. The aim of the event is to discover the cuisine from around the world through a gastronomic journey that ranges from the Spanish cuisine to the Venezuelan, Uruguayan, Mexican, German, US and of course Cilento. To taste 11- 24:13 August.
  10. And finally one of the most spectacular: the Grain palio, a stroke play competition sickle that involves the whole town of Caselle in Pittari as we told in the previous post (10 to 17 July).
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