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Why choose to spend their holidays in Cilento? We give you 20 good reasons

Published on Tuesday May 31st, 2016 by ckey
We tried to think of all the beautiful things that you can do during your holiday in Cilento, we give you 20 good reasons to choose Cilento for your summer vacation in 2016. 1.To dive in the clearest sea of Italy, are eleven blue flags in the Cilento for the summer 2016, of 14 assigned to the Campania Region. A record that is renewed every year. 2.Tasting the one and only ice cream buffalo milk Tenuta Vannulo of Paestum, an oasis of peace where the buffaloes are raised to the sound of classical music. 3. Enjoying good fresh fish caught by Cilento fishermen . To do this we recommend you the restaurant Nello pasta and pizza in Castellabate a small restaurant tucked away among the alleys of Santamaria. 4. Relax in the cool of the fragrant pine forests sipping wine, we suggest you a good red wine: "Slow" Kleos of Maffini cellars. A Aglianico that retains all the character of the Cilento area. 5. Get yourself enveloped by the Punta Licosa Legend: a magical place where the siren Leucosia lost his life to an unfortunate love. A garden path allows only on foot to arrive at this wonderful place, where the traces of the Roman past blends myth. 6.Practicing spleoraft: sport born in Cilento that mixes caving and rafting in the caves in Pertosa. You will browse on the underground river Negro, in the dark, with landing at the waterfall in the cave and follow an adventure caving path for about 200 meters, going against the stream. For real travelers. 7.Taste an ancient and amazing dish, the cicci maritati. Summer in the Cilento is also country festival, in August you cannot miss in Stio that of "the cicci maritati", a poor but rich in flavor soup. 8.  Have lunch in enchanted places, overlooking the sea or surrounded by natural landscapes exceptional as what you can see at Suscettibile restaurant. With the sea in the background and the roofs of the houses of Pioppi that frame, at the Suscettibile you can find products of traditional and contemporary cuisine. 9. Know the Ancient Sounds in Novi Velia. 3 words: food, music, entertainment. The most awaited festival of the Cilento is held annually during the first week of September in a small village attracting many visitors. 10. Immerse yourself to discover Palinuro caves, one of the main poles of speleology interest in Europe. You will admire not only the Blue cave, or the bones cave, but more than 35 caves, to visit safely thanks to many diving centers in the area. 11. Let you fascinate from pink temple of Paestum at sunset. Cradle of Magna Graecia Paestum is an Unesco Heritage and unique testimony of the architecture of the time, one of its three temples turns pink in the sunset... Come and find out what ... 12. Sip a drink on the Castellabate belvedere.  The village became known for the film "Welcome to the South" offers breathtaking views from its Belvedere San Costabile. If you seek romance or a little 'relaxation scanning the horizon, we recommend you using the public telescope and see the coast. 13. Dirty gravy pulling up the fusillo of Felitto in the Calore gorges . In August, in the Cilento you cannot miss the festival of fusillo felitterese. In the small town of Valcalore for fifteen days, for lunch and dinner, you can taste this unique dish of the Cilento tradition still cooked by local women! 14. Entering into the bowels of the earth at the Angel Caves and those of Castelcivita. We imagined for your holiday in Cilento adventurous and surprising paths  as those inside the Alburni Caves where spectacular natural and geomorphological phenomena , along with the suggestion that the prehistoric traces have left, embellish the journey. 15.Cycling in Cilento. For lovers of cycling there are many bike paths in the Cilento. From Paestum along the streets of the milk, from the Calore Valley passing through the Alburni, up to Morigerati and its natural oasis. 16.The summer is also the Cilento National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni. Since 1998, the natural area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, since 1997 is a biosphere reserve and since 2010 is the first Italian national park to become Geopark. We invite you to live it to 360 degrees. 17.Go for a day in the Middle Ages in Teggiano. Fascinating museum city, Teggiano and its many churches are a treasure of Italy to visit every day. We point out the festival "The Table of Princess Constance": during the reenactment will be able to live among costumed characters and their shops and buy food and artifacts with the currency of the time! 18.Enter in Palazzo Vinciprova in Pioppi to visit the Living Museum of the Sea and The Ecomuseum of the Mediterranean Diet. Here you can see not only the exhibition hall, but also follow a path walking paths, visiting educational gardens, historical places and admiring intangible projects that go beyond the boundaries of the museum and the municipality ... all while sipping excellent herbal tea. 19. Explore the Pompeii of 900. Roscigno ghost town is a small town which was abandoned in 1902 for security reasons. Completely intact but uninhabited, today the country is home to one last inhabitant ... it will be interesting for you to discover all tracks and have a chat with the ultimate guardian of Roscigno. 20. Holiday in the Cilento, it said at the beginning, it's especially the sea. With us you can find the most beautiful beaches: the Bay of Trentova the famous Cala Bianca and Cala d'Archon until Naturale beach of Palinuro, the pristine nature of our beaches waiting for you!
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