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Rai television narrates the story of Fisherman Cilento Mayor

Published on Tuesday February 9th, 2016 by ckey

Last night was aired on Rai Italian Television the fiction “Fisherman Mayor" the story of a good man, the mayor of a small town of Cilento: Pollica. Assassinated by unknown five years ago, the Angelo Vassallo honesty, his courage and his high sense of civic was told in his human and political experience through this intense TV movie with great emotional impact. "To get ahead, you had to go back," he used to say the fisherman mayor, killed with seven gun shots on the evening of September 5, 2010. After 3 mandates, in his long political career, he made a real revolution: the fishing village has become a heaven attended every summer for more than 20 thousand tourists, a sudden wealth which attracted speculators, gangsters and the Camorra. It was his fight against these powers and in defense of his country to cost him his life. "It's not a fiction like the others" said the producers: long gestation, almost 5 years, and a very precise implementation. The TV movie was filmed in the original locations and involving the habitants of Pollica which actors are mixed. "The sets are authentic from the fishing vessel, his vessel, who had called International, to his house on the hill." An overview of enchanted places, uncontaminated, full of timeless beauty. Vassallo's story deserved to be told, for the example he has given to Italy, and because it shows the good and honest side of the south, ever recounted and too often forgotten.

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