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Published on Monday February 8th, 2016 by ckey

"Cilento Blue Club " , this is the name of the project , sponsored by Campania Region and financed with own resources and funds from Mibact . The aim of the project is to create an integrated transport system with the rail transport, to connect the cities of central and northern Italy ( Milan , Bologna , Florence , Rome ) with the Cilento , and mobility by sea , linking the Cilento coast with the cities of Naples and Salerno , the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri. Cilento , accessible almost exclusively by car or regional train because the absence of infrastructure that can link the Cilento to large cities , there permitting an adequate flow of tourists to the natural beauty and accommodation offered by this region , have, with this project an important opportunity for redemption. The railway network will be improved with the extension of high-speed trains to Sapri and the increase the regional trains from/to Salerno - Sapri . It’s the return of the Metro del Mare but in a more complex and structured way .

Three are the routes will be active from 10 July to 31 August 2016 .

Line 1 : Salerno - Cilento Coast Connections to / from Salerno to Agropoli , San Marco , Acciaroli , Casal Velino , Pisciotta , Camerota Palinuro ; active line on Saturday and Sunday . Line 2 : Cilento - Amalfi Coast Connections to / from Salerno to Agropoli , San Marco , Amalfi , Positano , ( connection to Capri ) ; line operates from Monday to Friday . Line 3 / A : Cilento ( Sapri- Capri - Naples ) Connections to / from Sapri to Camerota , Pisciotta , Casal Velino , Capri and Naples ; active line on Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday . Line 3 / B : Cilento ( Sapri - Capri - Naples ) Connections to / from Sapri Palinuro , Acciaroli , San Marco , Capri and Naples ; active links on Mondays and Fridays