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The smell of the sea. The Cilento coast

Published on Monday May 9th, 2016 by ckey

Cilento coast is varied as the landscape of this land. From Paestum to Agropoli, we can admire the beauty of the wide golden beaches and crystal clear water and golden sandy beaches. Shallow and crystal clear waters extend up to Pollica. Going south, the Cilento coast change appearance leaving the space cliffs overlooking the sea, creeks and coves as glimpses into the stone. There are numerous bays such as Trentova, Agropoli, declared Wonder of Italy. Trentova and Punta Licosa represent an important environmental and tourist heritage. Not surprisingly, the Cilento coast is also known as the Costa myth: there are, in fact,  many legends and myths on this strip of land, two of which give the name to the just mentioned nature reserves. Trentova Bay is located in the town of Agropoli, about 15 km from Paestum, and owes its name to the characteristic blue rock, almost white, and the legend about the discovery in the caves under the rock of thirty gull or navy turtle eggs. Punta Licosa is a protected marine area of immense and wild beauty in the municipality of Castellabate. Pliny and Strabo wrote that the headland owes its name to the myth of the mermaid Leucosia, which would be transformed into a rock after being thrown from a cliff because of unrequited love. The beach is fully accessible, except for a short section, accessible only by sea. Precious and hidden the "coves", that open between the cliffs with their cargo of wonder and wild appearance, deserve a separate chapter. Remains constant along the entire Cilento coast the purity of the water that could boast numerous blue flags over the years, in 2015 were 11, and this year, according to early rumors, this record might be confirmed and, indeed, increased to 12 flags. The award ceremony will take place on 11 May. #blueflag #stayturned