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True Mediterranean diet: only in Cilento!

Published on Wednesday April 13th, 2016 by ckey
The most famous Diet in the world was born in Cilento! Hard to believe but the diet known as the best food regime, was born in a small fishing center of Cilento: Pioppi in Pollica. The american doctor Ancel Keys, the father of Mediterranean diet, departed from Minnesota to make a scientific research on the eating habits of the Mediterranean countries. After visiting France, Corsica and Greece arrived in Italy, where he visited Sicily and Calabria. In Campania he settled in Pioppi where he decided to stay for 40 years analyzing the diet of fishermen and farmers after the Second World War. He renamed the village with the name of Minnelea to pay homage to his hometown, Minneapolis, and the nearby town, Elea, in Cilento, which has become his adopted land. Today Pioppi retains the Museum of the Mediterranean Diet, in the Sea Museum, hosted in Vinciprova Palace and, for two years, takes place in Cilento the Hall of the Mediterranean Diet:, with show cooking, shows and scientific conferences dedicated to the diet recognized, since 2010, UNESCO World Intangible Heritage.
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